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Product Strategy, Development and Management

  • Product Roadmap and Vision

  • Initial concept and POC

  • Development Leadership / Product Owner

  • Testing, Release and Rollout

  • On-going Product Management 

Having developed multiple products through to release, Jay knows well how to design and deliver a product that closely fiits the user need and business opportunity. Most recent work focusses on developing new product concepts based on newly available data resources.

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Application and Data Architectures

  • Business Intelligence Applications

  • Both commercial and custom apps

  • OLAP data structures optimized for analysis and reporting

  • Customer data warehouse & CRM Applications

Serving as the architect for web apps and new data structures, Jay has a passion and talent for finding the shortest route to the user-based solution. (See case study)

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Email Delivery and Automation

Working with several email marketers to optimize the performance of email marketing infrastructure​. Creating an email delivery strategy and the company infrastructure to implement it. (See Case Study)

  • Stable and consitant mailing cadense

  • Aggressive list hygiene

  • Identify unresponsive recipients, likely spamtraps

  • Automate campaign creation and send to allow for schedule management. 

  • Implement IP address rotation and performance tracking

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Technical Writing

As a skilled writer who is participating, even leading, the product development team, I am often tasked with authoring documentation, training materials and even the marketing copy.

A writer who understands the user, can communicate with the coders, and can read and understand the programming code, is a valuable asset, as clients and employers have found.

Can read and understand SQL, C++, C#, Python, Java, Javascript, Scala


Identity Graph Data

Resolving customer or prospect lists to achieve a true picture of customer identity requires moving beyond the traditional relational model to a graph data structure.

Understanding the relationships between persons and contact points like mail addresses, email addresses or social media ids means analyzing and then storing properties of the links (or "edges") between these entities. 

In recent years this work has been conducted on very large data sets in cloud systems, and the graph is enhanced by observations from very large data streams

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