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Case Studies


Client 3


Client approached with a significant opportunity; "Build us a platform to offer local marketing programs to auto dealerships." A test went live within a month, then was expanded and adapted to other clients with similar needs. Later, we fully automated many complex processes.

Client 5

Move a large Identity Graph to the cloud

A large database of persons with contact points, addresses and emails, is moved from SQL to Databricks in AWS and adapted to a "graph" structure.

Client 6

Email deployment strategy and automation

Client offering a customer management platform to restaurant chains needs help with the email deployment part of their solution. Delivery is declining and the process cannot scale. Jay helped develop a mailing strategy, improved deliverability and roadmapped automation systems.

Client 4

Grappling with large streaming data sources

The CTO hoped that streaming data would deliver new insight, but the accumulated data pile became to much to manage. A better aproach is needed. In-depth analysis pointed to a solution.

Case Studies: Clients
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