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About Jay Dean


An engineer by training and inclination, I've successfully "engineered" business successes as a product manager, management consultant, and software architect; across generations of technology changes.

I'm most recently developing CRM and eMarketing solutions, all based in the newest cloud-based architectures. I've been successful transitioning systems from older, on-premises SQL to the newest cloud architectures.

In prior years, I designed and delivered commercial and custom software applications, ranging from web-applications to enterprise-scale BI systems. Noted for very innovative solutions that users love.

I started in marketing and product development in consumer goods, and have always had a talent for writing and communications. I can speak to C-level executives and be heard, and have written a range of technical documents from white papers to API documentation.

I want to continue to build great products and lead great teams,  I'm happiest pushing back the boundaries — been doing it for years — and love it.

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Principal - Innomark

Throughout his career Jay has done independant work under the name "Innomark". Since 2020 this has been his primary focus. Recent engagements cover customer data analysis, data quality and hygiene, emal deliverability and transitioning to the cloud. Clients are eMarketers and firms that support them.

2008 - 2020

Chief Architect - General Manager

Joined AcquireWeb as General Manager. Restructured the firm's data system and product offerings. Created and implemented internal job management application. Later changed title to Chief Architect and focussed on new product development.
AquireWeb merged into Claritas in 2019.

2003 - 2007

Product development consulting for Hyperion Solutions. Data architecture, development tools and training programs for Microsoft

Vice President Product Management

1999 - 2003

Designed and developed six web applications for the new eCRM division at Hyperion. Worked with Siebel Systems to integrate Hyperion eCRM apps into their suite.

Senior Lead Software Architect

1992 - 1999

Vice President Software Development

Led development of custom applications for Nissan, Microsoft, Peoplesoft, Hyperion Solutions and others.

Engaged by Hyperion to design and prototype a series of proposed eCRM applications. When these were approved for development, joined Hyperion as Senior Architect.


Vice President

One of the oldest and most respected marketing ads sales consultancy, Glendinning opened a West Coast office to drive development of new marketing and sales technologies and applications.

1985 - 1990

Director - Beverage Products

Lead development and succesful introduction of a line of frozen and chilled juice products. These products (now owned by Tropicana) generated approx. 40% of total company profit. 

Led up to nine Product Managers as direct reports and Sales, Operations, Logistics and Finance team members through a “matrix” structure. Managed a marketing & promotion budget over $60 million.

1979 - 1985

Account Executive

At leading advertising agensies in New York and San Francisco, served as Account Executive to clients, J&J, General Foods and Dole Foods. Left to join Dole Foods on success of first new product test.

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PRINCETON UNIVERSITY - Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Minor in Economics

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